PTPTN Blacklist

The PTPTN blacklist is a list from the government that applies to those who borrow money from PTPTN for education and fail to make loan repayment. If you have unsettled loan with PTPTN and unsure whether you have been blacklisted or not, there are a few ways to check it out.

Blacklist checks can be done via one of the channels like the Official Portal of the Immigration Department of Malaysia (JIM). All you need to do is key in your identification card number in its webpage to check whether you have been blacklisted. Another channel is through the PTPTN official portal itself. You can go to the blacklist review and key in your identification card number, phone number and email. If you do not wish to check via online, you may also call directly to PTPTN to request for the information that you need via PTPTN Careline. Its official number is 03-2193 3000. If you prefer to have a face to face consultation with the officers, you may check in at any PTPTN counter.  

If you are unlucky enough to be in the PTPTN blacklist, it will definitely has a great impact as you are not allowed to renew your passport and will be prevented from going abroad. In another words, you are not allowed to leave the country if you are in the blacklist. You may be wondering what is the amount of payment to be made in order to remove your name from the blacklist. You, as the borrower are required to pay the entire loan debt or total delinquency including all costs incurred before your name can be removed from the blacklist. If you are unable to do so, you may negotiate with PTPTN by making any amount agreed upon by PTPTN and the restructuring of the loan or other method agreed upon by both parties. Negotiations should be made within 7 days prior to any overseas trip.