Broga Leisure Homestay Camping , Campsite

Broga Leisure is actually a chalet based that also offers campsite experienced. Broga Leisure Homestay is located at border of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan and its just 30 minutes drive from the South of Kuala Lumpur. The campsite is actually an animal farm with option of chalet stay. This campsite is quite well managed . However it can be a little boring if you are into wild factor of camping. There is a water slide ,swimming pool, basketball ,cross bridge,  basketball court and some ponds. There is also a huge playground for children to enjoy. Guest can also rent bicycle or ATV on the resort. This would be the perfect beginner friendly campsite that is not wild. The whole place is cordoned which makes it safe.  There is a river here but its not for play.  Guest can fish at the lake and pay for the fish captured.

The Bangladeshi staffs are extremely friendly and helpful. You can also purchase breakfast , free ranging chickens, vegetables or fish from the farm. The place has a kitchen with utensil’s and fridge and freezer.  However the toilets and bathroom can be quite little for the number of campers.  There is also hot water on the bathroom.

The few various animals are chickens ,ducks and goats. Children can get really close and feed the animals. The price of camping includes the the petting zoo.



  • Very family, beginner friendly
  • Resort style camping
  • Basketball, badminton court


  • Very little toilet and bathrooms
  • Greenish swimming pool
  • River not playable (Presumably dirty)