Nirvana Memorial Park

Nirvana Asia Group provides premium and high quality death and grave care management services in Asia including burial services, columbarium, grave design, landscaping, building materials, grave maintenance and customer service. The company has long been established, even among the best known brands in Malaysia and Singapore due to the quality of service provided, professionalism, reliability, good product and excellent maintenance facilities. Nirvana Malaysia also provides sales contracts and deals with burial ground for sale to the deceased’s family. Highly committed and responsible to the service provided, this organization is often the preferred choice because the quality provided is satisfactory to the customers. For the excellence of its services, the Nirvana Group has received awards such as the Asia’s Outstanding Brand in Funeral Services Industry and the Asia’s Outstanding Award in Multi National Expansion at the Asian Funeral Exhibition (AFE) 2012 Awards. 

In Malaysia, the most strategically located Nirvana Memorial or Nirvana Memorial Park is located in Semenyih and is Asia’s largest memorial park. The 588 acre site is accessible to customers in just 25 minutes by highway from Kuala Lumpur. According to the well-known Fengshui Master of Geomancy, this location in Semenyih is said to be the perfect place to create a peaceful atmosphere for the deceased to rest forever. Pre – planning on burial plots and burial ground also can help longevity, better health and well – being can be passed on to the next generation.

Attractive Landscape 

The Nirvana Memorial Park, Semenyih boasts magnificent landscapes with its lush green and beautiful flora and has won numerous awards and recognitions at the state and national levels. In 2001, the park won the first prize for the Non-Islamic Religious Structure Category at the National Landscape Competition 2000. This award was awarded for its overall quality of landscape. The park is also decorated with contemporary statues that add to beauty of the surrounding landscape. 


Facilities Provided 

In addition to providing quality burial plots, Nirvana also provides other facilities such as: 

  • Large parking area and easy access 
  • Comfortable and convenient space for religious rituals 
  • Long – term maintenance services at affordable rates to customers 
  • Charges include 24 – hour security, cleaning and landscape services 
  • Customers can choose burial plots of either family plot, multiple plot, single plot with different tomb designs on good Fengshui soil 
  • Provides columbarium facilities with structures or compartments (small spaces) to house burned ashes. 
  • Provide affordable non-Muslim burial plots for Buddhists, Taoists, Christians and other religions with appropriate burial plot options 


Benefits of Nirvana Funeral Services 

  • Can relieve family members from financial burden, stress and confusion 
  • Can prevent family members from making hasty decisions and have to deal with more expensive costs 
  • Save more money 
  • Allows individuals to choose their own services and own rituals 

Service Packages 

There are several service package options that customers can choose from according to their needs and suitability including: 



  • Nirvana Funeral Service Package 


Nirvana provides several service packages of choice according to the cultural and religious practices of the customer. The funeral service packages offered are based on your prior requirements. Where for pre-need services are sold to families who want to arrange early funeral services for themselves or their loved ones. 



  • Nirvana Columbarium 


The Columbarium is a structure that a compartment or niche for cremated ash or remains and is stored at a burial site. In Nirvana Malaysia, each compartment has a unique design. The large, spacious and cozy space provides a great sense of harmony and serenity. This ideal resting place promotes peace, wealth, health and longevity for their grandchildren as a safe haven. 



  • Nirvana Cemetery


The Nirvana Memorial Park features incredible landscapes, lush greenery, beautiful flora and contemporary sculptures. The available funeral plots are in keeping with the peaceful atmosphere of a loved one who has passed away. It is beautifully designed with a garden setting and comes with a wide selection of burial plots including family plots, double plots and single plots all of which feature different tomb designs and are located on good Fengshui soil.


  • Nirvana Seed ShengJi 

The Nirvana Seed has a large area with quiet, unobstructed waterways along with colourful land. The good and effective Sheng Ji lies in her ability to gather the passionate ‘qi’ of the universe and Nirvana holds the key. This beautiful land radiates the power of a dragon while protecting the nearby waterways, making it the perfect Fengshui environment for better luck. It is ideal for those who are looking for better career advancement and wealth. Also, it is ideal for those seeking guidance as this is the perfect place to start. 



  • Nirvana Ancestral Tablet


Ancestral Tablet has been a symbol of Chinese ancestral worship since the ancient Shang Dynasty. It takes center stage in any traditional Chinese home. Ancestral Tablet at Nirvana Memorial Park is a great alternative for couples who do not have time to attend a house-worship ceremony. 



  • Nirvana Pet Memorial Park 


For pet owners, Nirvana’s Pet Memorial Park is a great gift for your pet companion. Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden, is a beautiful memorial garden with a green atmosphere and great tranquility so that your pet can rest in peace. Only true love and affection for pets will make their pets here after they die. 


List Of Branches In Malaysia 

There are many branches throughout Malaysia such as Nirvana Memorial Park in Semenyih, Nirvana Memorial Park in Klang, Nirvana Memorial Park in Shah Alam, Nirvana Park in Kuala Lumpur, Nirvana Memorial Park in Ipoh, Nirvana Memorial Park in Melaka, Nirvana Memorial Park in Segamat, Nirvana Memorial Park in Kulai, Nirvana Memorial Park in Tiram, Nirvana Memorial Park in Bukit Mertajam, Nirvana Memorial Park in Sg.Petani, Nirvana Memorial Park in Sibu and Nirvana Memorial Park in Kota Kinabalu.