Lata Berungut

Lata Berungut is located near Taman Negeri Kenaboi.  It is also called “Lord of the Rings Kenaboi” due to its resemblance to some parts of the movie.  Lata literary means Cascading Waterfall. It was said that Lata Berungut was once a cave with river. The upper roof collapsed and thus , it created the unique landscape at Lata Berungut today.

How to get to Lata Berungut

The trail head to Lata Berungut,  starts from Taman Negeri Kenaboi or previously known as Taman Alam Liar Kenaboi.  To get to Taman Negeri Kenaboi, you will have to drive around 1 hour from Titi town.  Head towards Kenaboi , you will pass through some villages at the end of road. The road will get narrower as you progress. You will also pass through some orang asli kampung near Taman Negeri Kenaboi.  There is a big Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Sembilan Office at the Taman Negeri Kenaboi.

It takes around 1 hour to hike to Lata Berungut from trail head depending on water situation. Most of the trail towards Lata Berungut are done on the river. Thus , a life jacket is compulsory. Hikers would be hiking against water stream on the way to Lata Berungut. The stream is super rocky and slippery thus it is advisable for hikers to bring appropriate shoe. The way back would be much easier , as you will be walking with the water current. The water can be quite deep during rainny season thus it is advisable to follow guide’s advice.



RM 30 per person. The ticket can be bought at the entrance office of Taman Negeri Kenaboi. The trip is under jabatan Hutan Negeri Sembilan. The price includes and life jacket and guide. To book , it is recommended for you to call Jabatan Hutan Negeri Office first. Sometimes the water gets too high and its unsafe to hike there.