Pulau Ketam d’island beds & cafe 别墅一阁

Pulau Ketam d’island beds & cafe is a hotel located at Pulau Ketam , Klang, Selangor. The hotel is around 5 – 10 minutes walk away from Pulau Ketam Jetty.  The hotel rooms are mostly located the the 2nd floor of the hotel. The rooms are well renovated and the hotel is extremely clean. The toilets are modern and can match the cleanliness of luxury hotel. There are upper common area deck suitable for people to hang out. You can also enjoy Pulau Ketam view from the upper deck common area. You can rent bicycle and electric scooter from the hotel. There are water machines in the common area ,so you can refill it. Rooms are equipped with facilities such as air conditioner, hot shower, flat screen TV. Bed sheets are great and clean. Aircond is great and cold. Believe me, you will need good aircons at Pulau Ketam at night. The weather can be extremely hot during afternoon. Rooms are a little bit tiny, typical to other hotels due to lack of space in Pulau Ketam.

Hotel costs around RM100 to RM 200++ depending on number of beds and peak dates. To make bookings, you can refer to the link. Once you have made booking, the owner’s shop is actually located just not far away from the hotel. Mr David, and the owner family is operating  sundry shop at town of Pulau Ketam. You can arrange a 1/2 day tour with the onwer that includes visit to Sungai lima, kelong and eagle feeding. The hotel is just less than 1 minute away away from the convenient shop. Once you have picked up the key, you can check in to the hotel at 2pm.



  • Air conditioned room.
  • Water dispenser
  • Common area
  • Hot Shower



  • Strategically located at Town of Pulau Ketam