Dacsee Driver Malaysia

What is Dacsee

What is Dacsee? Many may wonder what Dacsee is as we have not really heard of it. It is actually a social ride sharing platform run by the community. Not only that, it is the first decentralized social ride sharing platform in the world. It is available throughout Asia. Dacsee what launched in the early 2018 as an alternative to existing centralized e-hailing services such as Grab and Uber. 

Dacsee Driver Qualification

Here are the qualification requirements to be a Dacsee driver

  • 18 years old and above
  • 4 doors car with no vehicle ownership requirement

Dacsee City Operation


Register as Driver

As most of us already know on some of the challenges in the industry of ride sharing, Dacsee is having some solution to these problems. First, here are the problems that you might be aware of such as the safety of passengers and drivers. Without any doubt, this is deemed as the most important concern to all. Another issue is on the loyalty privilege for passengers and drivers, in which there is none. Also, there is unsustainable and limited space for growth for the drivers. Moreover, there is no ownership of the business. To counter these issues, Dacsee has a decentralized operation in order to increase the level of safety and security for both the passenger and driver. For other issues that are part of the concern for all parties, Dacsee ensure recurring income and a sustainable future for all involved. Dacsee is also trying to improve the loyalty of passengers.   

You may explore further this new platform by getting one of the best rides and having a pleasant experience with the community. You may download Dacsee, register for an account, discover your ride and enjoy the ride. Do take note that Dacsee has some interesting features such as circle of friend or preferred driver, in which friends can drive you when you include or add them into your circle. Another feature is called the rookie driver. Once you have a successful registration, it will automatically allow you to be a passenger and a rookie driver. Guardian angel is an interesting feature of Dacsee. For safety reason, your ride is actually being monitored by the neighbouring Dacsee communities all the times. There will also be a facial recognition, whereby all the drivers will be verified via a face recognition system for every request of ride.