Pulau Ketam

Pulau Ketam is a Chinese fishing village located at Klang, Selangor. This island is interesting place with history that started few hundred years back.

History of Pulau Ketam

Historically Pulau Ketam do not have fresh water and is loosely inhabited by Orang Asli , Mah Meri which is often found around coastal areas of Selangor.  It was said that there were once plenty of mud crabs at Pulau Ketam. The ethic Chinese in Malaysia mainly Teochews ,Hainan starting collecting crabs and seafoods from Pulau Ketam.  These people were originally living at Klang and and they commute daily to Pulau Ketam to catch crabs. Soon, they started building shelters at Pulau Ketam to rest and stock supplies. To reduce travel time, these people started staying overnight at Pulau Ketam and slowly Pulau Ketam grew into a large village , then into a town.  The chinese that inhabited Pulau Ketam are orginally fishermen from China and thus you can see similar stye villages across Malaysia. Such example can be found at Penang Clan Jetty, Pangkor, Klang, coast of Perak and many more.

There were no electricity , sewage , water , internet at Pulau Ketam during the 90s. Thanks to decree by Sultan Selangor, Pulau Ketam finally received all the facilities. The underwater pipe,electrical and Internet cables were layed from Port Klang near Tanjung Harapan all the way to Sg Lima and to Pulau Ketam.

Houses in Pulau Ketam are mainly wooden houses , with exception to brick shoplots which are located near the town.  There are a few schools in Pulau Ketam.


How to get there ? Pulau Ketam Jetty

Pulau Ketam Ferry is the best way to get to Pulau Ketam. All boats depart from Pulau Ketam Jetty  You can take KTM Commuter to Port Klang , “Pelabuhan Klang”  and hitch a boat ride there. If you are driving, look for Pulau Ketam Jetty , there are also plenty of parkings at Port Klang which is guarded. You can also leave your cars overnight at the car park if you intend to stay at Pulau Ketam.

Speed Boat

There are plenty of speed boat to Pulau Ketam. Speed boat are usually taken by locals as its much faster.


Alibaba is the company that is providing ferry services to Pulau Ketam. Ferry is slowly however it lets visitors enjoy the ride.

Facilities at Pulau Ketam

Pulau Ketam is a full fledge village and town that has plenty of restaurants, shops ,schools and hotels. There are plenty of places to eat , stay at Pulau Ketam.

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Clinic
  • Bank


Things to do at Pulau Ketam

Cycling or Riding Electrical bike

The main ways to commute in Pulau Ketam is with cycling, or electrical scooter/bike. Both bicycle or electric scooter can be rented at shops near the jetty. The lanes can be tight and busy with traffic. Thus always becareful and stay alert when you walk at Pulau Ketam , especially when you are inside the town.

Eating fresh seafoods. 

Needless to say , you can’t run away from seafood at Pulau Ketam. The good choices are fishes , shellfishes and crabs.


Pulau Ketam is well known for fishing enthusiast

Sg Lima

Sg Lima has a very similar feel to Pulau Ketam ,except that it is much quiet and less touristic.  Sg Lima is not directly accessible with road even its located at Pulau Ketam , it is located at the east side of Pulau Ketam and can only be accessed with ferry or boat. When you are taking ferry, be sure to depart at Pulau Ketam if you intend to visit Pulau Ketam only.


Packaged Tour

Local hotels and tour group are also organizing day trip packaged tour. This includes eagle feeding, boat ride to mangroves, trip to Sg Lima and also trip to kelong. You can buy these packages direct from the hotels.