Bukit Sikai Hiking

Bukit Sikai is located at Sri Menanti , the royal town of Negeri Sembilan. The location should be around 2 hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, you may also want to consider overnight at Kuala Pilah.

The Trail

This mediocre, easy trail is just probably less than 30 minutes climb depending on individual capabilities, but the views can be very nice. The hiking trail is not popular. You will need to Park at the location. To get the carpet clouds, you will need to arrive earlier at around 7am. Do take note that this is a private land, but owner allows people to hiking to its peak. Practice respect and do not litter or cause any damage to their farm and properties.  The top of Bukit Sikai is visible from the parking ground. The ground towards the top of Bukit Sikai can be a little loose, so be careful when you climb. Other than that, the trail should be fairly easy and its family friendly.


Attraction around Bukit Sikai

You may also be keen to visit Istana Sri Menanti.  The royal town of Negeri Sembilan.