How to order Starbucks



Starbucks was established in Seattle, Washington since 1971 and now, starting at mid 2019, it has over 30,000 branches around the world. Even though it was overseas brand, it is also gaining the attention of many Malaysians. Starbucks serve hot and cold beverages, entire bean espresso, micro ground moment espresso known as VIA, coffee, caffe latte, full-and free leaf teas including Teavana tea products, Evolution Fresh squeezes, Frappuccino drinks, La Boulange baked goods, and bites including chips. Starbucks-brand espresso, dessert, and packaged cold espresso beverages are additionally sold at markets. 


Here are some easy steps to buy drink in starbucks.


  1. Usually the barista will first ask the customer whether to dine in or take away once the customer is at the counter.


  1. Check the menu options listed on the menu before ordering. There are 5 categories of beverages to choose from:
  2. i) Coffee (Hot / Cold)
  3. ii) Frappe (Ice Blended)

iii) Tea (Hot / Cold)

  1. iv) Chocolate
  2. v) Juices


You can choose any of the menu options. For those who are used to ordering at Starbucks, of course you can customize your own options when ordering.


  1. Select Cup Size

Starbucks has 3 different types of cups ranging from Tall (small, 12 oz), Grande (medium, 16 oz) and Venti (large, 20 oz).


  1. The barista or cashier will ask the name to be noted outside the cup and give it your short name.


  1. Make a payment to the barista for the price of the drink upon completing the order.


  1. Drinks ordered by the customer will be ready immediately. Once your drinks are available, your name will be called by the barista and you can take your drink order. Make sure you only take a cup that has your name and you may sit in any of the empty seats.


For customers who want a customized beverage, they can make a wide selection of ingredients mixed into the drink. Starbucks has three different types of milk for its customers. You can choose either creamy milk, low fat milk or soy milk. These three milk have different flavors.


Starbucks serves not only coffee, but also serves hot chocolate, iced mocha or various tea options. For chocolate lovers, usually the barista will recommend either iced chocolate or hot chocolate which is less chocolate because it tastes better. For greentea frappucino drinks, you can try substituting classic syrup into caramel syrup as it tastes more special, and also converts low-fat milk. For the most basic and simple coffee lovers, Black Coffee is the perfect drink to enjoy it as it has no added flavor. You can also add additional flavors with prices starting from RM 0.50 and above. It is very suitable for fans of sweet drinks and can further enhance the taste of the ordered drinks. You may choose additional flavors such as : 

  1. i) Vanilla
  2. ii) Hazelnut

iii) Caramel

  1. iv) Toffee


Starbucks’s price may be higher than other regular coffee shops as they use good quality ingredients and taste great. In fact, the taste of the drink is also different and has a ‘luxurious’ taste. Maybe that’s why many coffee lovers prefer to go to Starbucks even though it costs a lot of money because it tastes so good to enjoy.